18 6 / 2012

Hank has never left the beautiful US of A. If he did though, he’d be sure to chant U ┬áS A, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A. All day long.

26 7 / 2011

Dana: “Umm, yes, this IS an authentic Alexander McQueen hat. It’s, like, so rare he made it after he died.”

22 6 / 2011

Greta never poses for the camera. She’s just a natural.

12 6 / 2011

Mark, Petra and Mila are going to have a threesome and you are not invited.

11 6 / 2011

Francis got his nose pierced at a Full Moon Party in Phuket and you didn’t.

10 6 / 2011

Digby has just had a perm, and he bloody loves it.

09 6 / 2011

Vic drives a hybrid and is therefore definitely going to heaven.

07 6 / 2011

"Hi! Soz missed ur call erlier. Am in Thailand on beach. Sun shining! Wish u were hr. G2G now off 4 massage w/ real authentc thai person. CU in a few months."

06 6 / 2011

Tony just had a shit, shower and a shave.

06 6 / 2011

June: “OMG. It’s, like, so weird that you have to drink Diet Coke to stay thin. I must just be naturally thin.”