15 1 / 2013

Ingrid does not have time for your silly games.

11 1 / 2013


Joseph is bathing in Egyptian sand, the finest of all sands. 

04 1 / 2013

Jennifer is going to follow you around all day until you do something silly. Then she’s going to tootle with laughter. Because that’s how she rolls.

20 12 / 2012

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Julio made another funny. He’s so damned popular that guy.

20 9 / 2012

You know, David’s the first camel ever to get into Harvard. That’s David. My son David.  *ahem* MY son.

18 6 / 2012

Hank has never left the beautiful US of A. If he did though, he’d be sure to chant U  S A, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A. All day long.

05 3 / 2012

Henry and Martha are, like, TOTALLY in love. And they’re going to let you know about it with their smug nibbling at YOUR FUCKING PARTY.

23 11 / 2011

Faustino lives in Camden, and is fucking cool man. You wouldn’t understand.


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17 10 / 2011

Marcus can live in the desert for days without water. Can you? Eh? Can you? No. Didn’t think so.

12 10 / 2011

Hubert can control humans with his mind. He’s pretty smug about the fact.