11 1 / 2013


Joseph is bathing in Egyptian sand, the finest of all sands. 

04 1 / 2013

Jennifer is going to follow you around all day until you do something silly. Then she’s going to tootle with laughter. Because that’s how she rolls.

05 3 / 2012

Henry and Martha are, like, TOTALLY in love. And they’re going to let you know about it with their smug nibbling at YOUR FUCKING PARTY.

17 10 / 2011

Marcus can live in the desert for days without water. Can you? Eh? Can you? No. Didn’t think so.

12 10 / 2011

Hubert can control humans with his mind. He’s pretty smug about the fact.

11 10 / 2011

Khalid Aboul Karim doesn’t run to time. Time runs to Khalid Aboul Karim.

26 7 / 2011

Dana: “Umm, yes, this IS an authentic Alexander McQueen hat. It’s, like, so rare he made it after he died.”

22 6 / 2011

Greta never poses for the camera. She’s just a natural.

15 6 / 2011

Jack got a new “edgy” jacket from Camden market, designed to look like a Sudanese man and a bike.

12 6 / 2011

Mark, Petra and Mila are going to have a threesome and you are not invited.